The International Kuwait Health Information Conference 2017 is a dedicated platform for HIS-related personnel to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of HIS-based Policy-making. By providing access to ongoing education and networking opportunities, the congress hopes to integrate information technology with health sciences embracing information science research coupled with topics related to the modeling, design, development, integration, and management of health information systems.

Under the patronage of his excellency

Dr. Jamal Al Harbi

Minister of Health

Under the patronage of his excellency

Dr. Mohammed Khashti

Asst. Undersecretary, Ministry of Health

Chairman of the conference

Dr. Fahad Alkhalifa

Director of National Center of Health Information

Chairman of scientific committee

Dr. Abdullah Al Ajeel

Head of Health and Vital Statistics

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Better health care through better Health Information Systems and Technologies


Sharing experiences and discussing challenges, development, integrated and practical solutions, as well as new products, findings and approaches to leverage the use of Information Systems and Technologies in healthcare.

The Conference will focus on:

  • Best practices in HIS and HIM
  • Lessons learned and experiences from both local, Gulf and global perspectives
  • Impact of HIS on health management & policy.

Target audience:

  • Heads of medical and administrative departments at the Ministry of Health
  • Directors and deputy directors of all hospitals
  • Heads of mortality and complications committees in all hospitals
  • Heads of medical records departments and statistical units in all hospitals.
  • Professionals & students interested in health information management and health informatics

Knowledge Partners